Extended Executive Board

Wednesday May 22nd 2013

10:00 am to 11.40 am


Mr  Stefano Marini – AICRO (SMa)-President

Mrs Alice Lestinova – ACRO (ALe)-Czech Republic

Mrs Amparo Alemany – AECIC (AAl)-Treasure

Mr   Christophe Golevaux –BeCRO (CGo)-Belgium

Mrs Tanja Hoffman – ACRON (THo)-The Netherlands

Mr.  Yoani Matsakis – AFCROs – France (DCo)

Mrs. Julie Kyrou – (JKy) Greece

Mr.  Tomasz Kowalczyk –(TKo)-Poland

Mrs Maria João Salgado – (MSa) – Portugal

Mrs.Christina Forselius – ASCRO (CFo) – Sweden

Mr.  Oleksandr kovtiukh (OKo) – Ukraine


Mrs Darina Hrdlickova – ACRO (DHr)-Secretary

Mrs Martine Dehlinger-Kremer (MDe) – BVMA –  Germany

Mrs Dagmar Chase – BVMA (DCh)-Vice President

Mr.  Merter Ortac – SAKDER (MOr)-Turkey

Mr   Denis Comet – AFCRO – France (DCo)

Mr.  Andreas Moschos – (AMo)-Greece

Mr.  George A. Mathis (GMa) – Switzerland

Mr.  Giovanni Fiori – AICRO – Italy (GFi)

Mr.  Atholl Johnston – CCRA (AJo) -UK

Mr   Tomàs O’Mahoney (TOm)-Ireland

Mr   Keith Berelowitz –CCRA (KBe)-UK

Mrs Alejandra Mork (AMo)- Denmark

Mr.  Philippe Van der Hofstadt – BeCRO (PHo)-Belgium

Mrs Susanne Gerbl-Rieger (SGe)-BVMA-Germany


Paola Portera (PPo)


SMa welcomes and thanks the participants. 

2. Review of Draft Minutes of TC, dated April 17th 2013 (Attachment 1)

The Extended Executive Board unanimously approves the minutes of the last TC.

POINT IV – Subject: Create a Permanent Service to Members:

European Association

See members updates

POINT V – Subject: Communication:


See Communication WG updates


See Communication WG updates


There are no updates

ACRO, quarterly communication (SMa)

There are no updates

POINT VII – Subject: Working Groups

It is reminded that each WG who will require to discuss an issue or a proposal will need to ask for an invitation to discuss it and the item will be added in the agenda of any future EEBTC. 

POINT X – Subject: Any Other Business:

SOPs Revision Process (DCh)

The SOPs of WGs have been distributed to each Chair. 

3. Actual news and incoming mail

SMa shares with the participants the e-mail that he received from the secretariat of JCROA, the Japanese CRO Association. He says the Association asked for supporting them in the preparation of a manuscript to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Association. SMa proposes to put the event in the website. YMa asks to SMa to circulate the email received.

4. Members update

SMa updates the Members on behalf of DHr about the application as Associate Member of Antaea. He reminds also to the participants the rules of the Bylaws on the expiration of Associate Membership after  2 years. TKo says he will send some updates about the creation of the Polish Association.

5. Finance Update

AAl reminds to all members to pay the annual fee. She also updates the participants on the results of the Paediatric Symposium. She says the attendees were 105 and she also confirms the budget of the Symposium will be closed within the end of May. SMa then updates the Members about the collaboration between AAl and the book keeping consultant.

 6. Working Groups 

Education and Training (AMo/DCh)

SMa reads the updates on EUCROF Conference sent by PHo. He also reminds to the participants to push within their Associations for the distribution of the programme of the event. 

How to Start a Clinical Trial in Europe (DCh)

SMa reminds the members to send the updated version of “How to start a CT in EU”. PPo will send a reminder. 

Late Phase (GFi)

SMa reads the email received by MMa and informs the members also about the success the WG has had during the event in Amsterdam organized in the framework of DIA Europe and the following Conference. 

Medical Device (SGe)

SMa skips this topic. It will be discussed later on.

Paediatric (MDe/AAl)

AAl updates the members about the WG activities. She says they are still waiting to receive the article of the Symposium before deciding where to publish them. The WG  has just also reviewed the article that will be published on Applied Clinical Trial.

Communication (CGo)

CGo informs the members he is in contact with the Chairs of LPWG and MDWG for the organization of the two webinars. He says also the WG is working for the finalization of the Brochure and the launch of the newsletter. 

7. External Meetings and Events 2013 (Attendance)

SMa skips this topic. It will be discussed later on. 

8. Internal Meetings – EUCROF GA December 2-3, 2013

CFo updates the participants about the GA that will be held on next December. She confirms the Association decided to move the GA from Uppsala to Stockholm. She finally asks for a clarification about the logistic details and the costs that the local association should cover. The answer reflects the structure of previous GAs, which were held sponsored by local Guest Association organizing an event and the social networking dinner, the day before the GA. CFo shares also with the participants the spread sheet with the conference costs and the link of the hotel:

9. Any Other Business

There are no other business to discuss. 

Next teleconference: Wednesday, 19th June, 2013

Attachment 1

The table below summarises the actions to be performed




POINT IV – Permanent Service to Members:

European Associations –

Updates on the creation of Polish Association



Rules and Regulation document to be implemented


After SOPs implementation

Update documents on EUCROF website



POINT V – Subject: Communication

Publication: to inform about any news

The Members


Draft manuscript to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of JCROA



ACRO: quarterly communication,

to distribute the Minutes of the last conversation



POINT VII – Subject: Working Groups

EUCROF Newsletter: send the draft



How to Start a Clinical Trial in Europe: send reminder



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